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Each balloon gives a kid a moment of sheer joy

Serving events in Canberra and Queanbeyan regions since 2019, with entertainment packages that include balloon twisting, balloon storytelling and balloon workshops.

It’s not about the balloons. It’s about how they make kids feel.

Three great services to choose from

There something here for everyone

Our entertainment and balloon art services will become the talk of the day.

A Giggly Wiggly Birthday

A Giggly Wiggly Birthday

Spoil your kids with a ton of attention and pretty balloons for everyone.

Corporate Attraction

Corporate Attraction

All family events can become a sensation with our balloon services.

Balloon Storytelling

Balloon Storytelling

A great storytelling experience for schools, child care and libraries.

Balloon happiness

Transforming kids from bored to cheerful

Choose one of our birthday packages and add color, fun and laughter to your event:

The Smiley Package

Cost for 20 kids – $265

  • P60 minutes of fancy balloon entertainment
  • PLimited to 10 kids
  • P$10 per kid for any additional kid

The Giggly package

Cost for 50 kids – $625

  • P60 minutes of fun balloon twisting for everyone
  • PLimited to 20 kids
  • PLearn to make a dog, sword and more
  • PWorkshops can be held for up to 50 kids
  • !$9 per kid for any additional kid

The Bubbly package

Cost for 30 kids – $650

  • P120 minutes of super-fancy balloon entertainment
  • PLimited to 15 kids
  • P30 min of spectacular balloon storytelling - kids are the star of the show!
  • PFollowed by 90 minutes of fancy balloon twisting
  • PDesigned Personalized Invitations - deluxe version
  • PSound system with MY playlist
  • P$10 per kid for any additional kid

I make your kid and their friends so cheerful.

Every. Single. Event.

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So what are Balloon Workshops?

The definitive guide to choosing between workshops and twisting services

Balloon twisting and balloon workshops differ greatly in the experience they give for the kids in your event, and their parents too. In a workshop – it’s all about giving the kids the opportunity and experience of learning how to twist balloons by themselves. But they cannot ask for a specific design. They take home what they created by themselves and feel very proud about it.

When you choose to add our balloon twisting service, you ensure that the kids could ask for a specific design that they like, and I can build way more elaborate balloon sculptures.

Balloon Storytelling – the perfect educational solution

The props are actually made of balloons!

Kids and adults alike love stories. And storytelling is a form of art that is as old as time.
But unlike the regular storytelling activity, balloon storytelling includes a few key differences.

All the props are made from balloons

The kids play a part of the story on stage, and be the stars of the show

The entire audience participates and interacts with the story

The kids gets to keep their balloons and there is something for everyone.

It’s a regular story telling show, only way better.

Imagine these smiles in your event?!?

Some of our favorite photos of balloon art

Our balloon deliveries

Make someone feel special

We deliver the following 3 products

Balloon Birthday Marquee

Cost – Starts from $50

Helium Bouquet

Cost – Starts from $50

Balloon Sculpture Centrepiece

Cost – Starts from $50

We deliver throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan regions. To make a delivery order,
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Clients of Giggly Wiggly talk about their experience

They already booked us. Now it’s your turn.

Our balloon workshops
are a best seller

Add these to your schedule. The teachers and kids will thank you later.

This is a super fun hands-on workshop for kids and adults alike.It’s a unique experience and everyone gets to twist their own balloons.

This fun hands-on twisting workshop is 1-hour long. Kids that are in age 6 and above really immerse themselves in the fun activity. It is also a great way to entertain a group of kids at any party, not just in educational settings.

Everyone will learn how to make a mystery object, a dog, a sword, a crazy balloon hat and many more balloon designs. Kids can then take home their balloon creations and show it off to their family and friends.

This is their opportunity to get complimented for their creativity, and that’s why kids remember our balloon workshops for such a long time.

Contact us to find out if we are available on your selected date for a fun balloon workshop

ATTENTION: After school program directors, vacation care program managers, school management members

Our balloon workshops are great for both after school and during school activities and they run for 1 hour. These are a great time for all kids and some well deserved rest time for your team members.

The story behind our balloon journey

About Chloe Lim, Mother, Artist, Author and Scientist

Hi, I’m Chloe! As a mother of 3 children under 8 (including a set of twins!), I know what parents go through and that they want the best for their children. I love children and just how beautifully innocent and curious they are about life.

My story of balloon twisting started back in February 2019,
and I have learned three things about kids and parties:

Happy kids smile and laugh
Just by responding to a need in my church, I stumbled across the wonder, magic and fun of balloon twisting and how it can make a child so happy, which is what I can bring to your event

Kids can get curious and engaged Starting with just a bag of balloons and mini balloon pump, I have developed my skills to a level where your guests can enjoy the magic of balloons made by a professional balloon artist. I love seeing the curiosity on children’s faces when they get their balloon requests and are playing around with their new toy

Kids love to have FUN (adults like that too) 
The fun of balloon twisting is not just for kids but grownups too enjoy being creative and I love sharing my skills of balloon twisting with grownups and bring out the kid in them

Life goes by quickly so I believe in enjoying all that life has to offer and having fun with the people you love. Connect with me to find out how I can keep your little (and big) guests happy through the fun and joy of balloon twisting.


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It’s not about the balloons.
It’s about how they make kid’s feel.

But it all starts by you asking for more details, a quote or checking if we are available on a certain date.

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